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Utile Shower Wall Panels

Quick and easy to install Save time and money!

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Utile - NEW Shower Wall Solution

It's not tile, it's Utile shower wall panels. Utile by MAAX are solid, one-piece panels that come in a range of rich colors, deep textures and stylish patterns that look like tile, yet install easily, quickly and without the hassles of tiling. With Utile, it’s easy to achieve the beautiful look of tile in no time, providing years of durability and elegance with minimal maintenance. 

  • Quicker to install than standard ceramic tiles – no hassles
  • Solid, one-piece reinforced walls – sturdy and durable
  • Easy and intuitive Ulok installation system – no mistakes
  • Direct-to-stud installation – no wall preparation
  • Universal side walls – no left or right
  • Grout-free – reduced risk of leaks, no service calls

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The Look of Tile without the Hassle

Do more in less time, and benefit from the durability and worry-free strength of Utile. Get the full story on why you should choose Utile for your next build project.

Utile Shower Wall Panels

Save Time and Money !

Utile is quicker to install than standard ceramic tiles and the Ulok installation system is designed to perfectly align the walls, slip them together and lock them into place.

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Utile Designer Series: Patterns & Colors

  • Erosion_Charcoal_Bnnr
  • Erosion_BoraWhite_Bnnr
  • Erosion_PebbleGrey_Bnnr
  • Erosion_Taupe_Bnnr
  • FactoryRough_Vapor_Bnnr
  • FactorySleek_Smoke_Bnnr
  • Wallpapere_Interlink_Bnnr
  • Wallpaper_Vertigo_Bnnr
  • HexaWallpaper_Shades_Bnnr
  • HexaWallpaper_Waterfall_Bnnr
  • Marble_Carrara_Bnnr
  • Organik_Clay_Bnnr
  • Organik_Loam_Bnnr
  • Organik_Permafrost_Bnnr
  • Smooth_Whte_Bnnr
  • Smooth_AshGrey_Bnnr
  • Smooth-ThunderGrey_Bnnr

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The Clear Choice

When compared to tile or prefabricated showers - Utile is the clear and innovative choice.

Forget the hassles of tile and the boring look of prefabricated showers, Utile makes redefining your bathroom style a breeze. Cleverly engineered, Utile combines the sophisticated look of tile while eliminating the grout line maintenance and periodic repair, giving you complete peace of mind.

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Shower Installation with the Greatest of Ease

Don’t get frustrated installing tiles one by one. Get it right the first time with the intuitive Ulok system, designed to perfectly align the solid panels, slip them together and lock them into place. No need to waste time on wall preparation—the direct-to-stud installation gets the job done in a flash. 

Utile walls are compatible with the following MAAX products for a complete shower solution.

B3 Square and B3 Round - shower bases (48" L x 32" or 36" W and 60" L x 32" or 36" W)
Rubix and Exhibit - bathtubs (60" L x 30" W)
- pivot or sliding shower doors (48" or 60")
Halo - sliding shower doors (48" or 60")
Reveal - pivot shower doors (48" or 60")

1 corner glass shelf is included with each Utile unit (9" x 9")