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Looks Like Tile - Shower Wall Panels

Utile by MAAX is an innovative shower wall solution that comes in a range of rich colors, deep textures and stylish patterns that look like tile, yet installs easily in just 1 day. Clever and innovative, Utile walls are solid, one-piece panels that are quick and easy to install. You’ll love the realistic-looking grout lines that don’t crack and do not require scrubbing or brushing. Simply enjoy the look!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions


Shower Wall Panels with Ceramic Tile Patterns

Utile offers the sophisticated look of tile without the added time and complexity of standard ceramic tile installation. When compared to white prefabricated showers, Utile is more durable and provides a variety of stylish patterns and colors.  

Realistic stone and tile-like texture 
Solid, one-piece reinforced walls: sturdy and durable
Rich color and beautiful patterns to match any decor 
 10-year warranty
Cleans quickly and easily



Bathroom Decor - Remarkable Tile Patterns

  • Erosion_PebbleGrey_Bnnr
  • Erosion_Charcoal_Bnnr
  • Erosion_BoraWhite_Bnnr
  • Erosion_Taupe_Bnnr
  • FactoryRough_Vapor_Bnnr
  • FactorySleek_Smoke_Bnnr
  • Wallpaper_Vertigo_Bnnr
  • HexaWallpaper_Shades_Bnnr
  • HexaWallpaper_Waterfall_Bnnr
  • Organik_Clay_Bnnr
  • Organik_Loam_Bnnr
  • Organik_Permafrost_Bnnr
  • Marble_Carrara_Bnnr
  • Smooth_AshGrey_Bnnr
  • Smooth_Whte_Bnnr
  • Smooth-ThunderGrey_Bnnr
  • Utile metro soft grey shower tile design
  • Utile metro ash grey shower tile design
  • Utile metro thunder grey shower tile design
  • Wallpapere_Interlink_Bnnr
  • Utile origin greige shower tile design
  • Utile stone sahara shower tile design


Revolutionary Shower Walls - Durable and Easy to Maintain 

10-year Warranty | No Grout Repair
No Leaks | Peace of Mind

Complete your shower renovation in a day and enjoy peace of mind with a 10-year warranty.