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Realistic Stone Tile and Ceramic Tile Patterns

Select from an inspiring collection of styles and patterns that complement any decor you desire and create the perfect style statement in your bathroom. 

Utile features a cleverly engineered surface that looks and feels so much like stone and tile that you will dazzle people when you tell them it’s not…

See and touch Utile for yourself.

Modern Bathroom Tile Design Ideas 

Get Inspired with Styles By MAAX featuring Utile

Discover your design style! Click on a color swatch below to see a new Utile Design Style.

  • OpulentStyle
  • UrbanStyle
  • VintageStyle
  • OrganikStyle
  • ErosionStyle
  • FactoryStyle
  • MarbleStyle
  • WallpaperStyle
  • SmoothStyle


Build Your Dream Bathroom Now!

Create your own Utile Shower Solution


Create your Utile Shower or Tub Shower

Need a hand building a Utile complete shower solution for your bathroom?
Use our step-by-step configurator tool to create a Utile shower or tub shower, along with shower base or tub and glass shower doors for a complete shower renovation. Generate a complete shopping list for your Utile shower solution.