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Frequently Asked Questions

Tools/supplies required to install Utile include: 
  • A 24" minimum level
  • Electric drill with 1/8” drill bit
  • Hole saw
  • Philips & Robertson screwdrivers
  • Utility knife
  • Measuring tape
  • 18" or longer square
  • Pencil and safety equipment (boots, glasses and gloves)
  • Clear silicone
  • A box of #8 1 3/4” flathead screws
  • Wood shims
Utile is assembled with 1 back wall panel and 1 or 2 side wall panels that are combined to fit your desired shower or tub shower configuration. Build the configuration of your choice with one of the following combinations: a 2 wall corner shower (1 back wall + 1 side wall), a 3 wall alcove shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls) or a tub shower (1 back wall + 2 side walls). To complete your Utile complete shower solution add a Utile compatible shower base or bathtub, and a glass shower door for a perfect fit.
The Ulok system is designed to perfectly align the wall panels, slip them together and lock them into place. Consult the installation guide or the installation video for a step-by-step guide to installing Utile.
Yes, Utile polymer panels are 100% waterproof. To ensure a watertight finish, during the installation of Utile, seal all joints with a clear silicone between the walls and base to eliminate the risk of water infiltration.
Utile can be installed in just a few hours. Before using your new Utile shower or tub shower, allow for sufficient time to ensure silicone is dry before showering, approximately 24-36hrs.
Utile is a do-it-yourself project (2 people are recommended to help lift and maneuver Utile panels) and does not require professional construction expertise to install. Note that MAAX strongly recommends that a plumber do all plumbing connections. MAAX does not provide installation services. If you feel uncomfortable installing Utile yourself, it is recommended to engage a local contractor or plumber to install Utile.
Utile is currently available at select locations. Please consult the Where to Buy page or Contact Us directly for the nearest Utile dealer locations.
Utile is available in the following shower sizes for either a 2 wall (corner) shower or 3 wall (alcove) shower (48” L x 32” or 36” W x 80” H or 60” L x 32” or 36” W x 80” H). Also available is our Utile tub shower wall kit for tub shower spaces 60”L x 30”W x 60”H.
Our Classic and Designer Series offer you 12 stylish and trendy patterns. Classic Series - Metro Series (3 colors: Soft grey, Ash grey, Thunder grey), Origin Series (1 color: Greige), Stone Series (1 color: Sahara). Designer Series - Organik Series (3 colors: Clay, Permafrost, Loam), Marble Series (1 color: Carrara), Erosion Series (4 colors: Charcoal, Pebble Grey, Bora White, Taupe), Factory Rough Series (1 color: Vapor), Factory Sleek Series (1 color: Smoke), Funky Wallpaper Series (1 color: Vertigo), Hexa Wallpaper Series (2 colors: Shades, Waterfall), Squares Wallpaper Series (1 color: Interlink), Smooth Series (3 colors: Thunder Grey, Ash Grey, White).
Non-abrasive cleaning sprays or cream-based cleaning agents should be used to clean Utile with a chamois, soft cloth or sponge. Never use abrasive cleaning products, scrapers, metal brushes, cleaning erasers or anything that could scratch or dull the surface of the Utile panels. Also note that tile and grout cleaners are not recommended for use with Utile products and could damage your unit.
Please see complete Terms & Conditions details here.


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